Frankie & Ava – Timeless Fashion for Kids – Fall Deadline 4/15!





Frankie & Ava Collage

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Giggle Launches an Amazing Line of Baby Gifts!

We are excited to announce the launch of GIGGLE at In Play Showroom!

Choose from super soft sets of 3 Printed Onesies, Footie & Matching Hat, and Sock sets – plus coordinating Plush Toys & Blankets!  Available in girl, boy & unisex options. 

Pre-packaged in cute, fun boxes with gift tags, your customers will love these Grab & Go gifts for babies!  So easy & convenient, plus affordable!

Contact us for additional details and for ordering information!

giggle blog


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ON OUR RADAR and IN OUR SHOWROOM: Frankie & Ava. Preppy & cool and giftable too!

Timeless fashion for kids, Frankie & Ava is made with love in the UK and Venice, CA, by designer Natasha Lee Thomas, who previously spent many years making big people’s clothes for Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and Donna Karan.

Influenced by the curiosity of their children and the enchantment of the cities where they have lived, they strive to inspire, combining their English heritage with the sunny vibes of coastal California, the spirit of youth with the wisdom of the past.

Frankie & Ava produces cool, comfortable, understated classics .  Their clothes are washable, sustainable, and intended for the everyday adventure that modern kids enjoy!

Frankie & Ava & Friends on the fence

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2014 Market Dates


While everyone is busy hooking your customers up with the best gifts ever, planning travel and holiday parties, we are all prepping for a fantastic New Year! Market dates for 2014 are in! Please refer to our website for all dates and venues and take advantage of market perks (! Free food, parking and fun giveaways!

Don’t forget the ACE HOTEL is opening in downtown Los Angeles – walking distance from the mart; a perfect excuse to come check out market and the highly anticipated opening of this fabulous hotel group! We are also launching two FABULOUS brands in the upcoming months so be sure to keep an ear out for that. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!




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NUNUNU Featured in Vogue Italia

NUNUNU featured in Vogue Italia!

Check it out here:

This hot selling brand has been featured all over the press & magazines!  If you have not placed your Spring 2014 order yet, we highly recommend doing it ASAP as it sells out fast!  Check back in the New Year to see Fall 2014 – we are VERY excited to announce they will be going up to bigger sizes!


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Andre Leon Becomes New Artistic Director of Zappos


From WWD:

ZAPPOS TAPS TALLEY: While Zappos has become a go-to site for Middle America footwearshoppers, it’s still seeking to elevate its image among more highbrow consumers. To that end, the Amazon-owned site has named André Leon Talley as artistic director of its high-end ZapposCouture business. The former Vogue eminence will oversee editorial content on the Zappos Couture site, including fashion shoots, videosand trend picks, all set to debut on Jan. 22.

“The digital universe is a new, exciting opportunity for me to reach a broad audience in terms of the global luxury market,” said Talley, adding that his goal is to “create something unique, in terms of a Web magazine within the Zappos Couture Web site, that conveys the immediacy and excitement of luxury retailproducts, season by season.”

The one-year partnership with Zappos is the first commercial foray with a retailer or brand for Talley. It continues the evolution of his work since exiting his influential perch at Vogue this year, where he was previously an editor in various roles for nearly three decades. Talley no longer has an affiliation with the Condé Nasttitle; in March, he joined Numéro Russia as international editor at large, overseeing cover and well shoots.

Zappos Couture is hoping Talley will raise its profile with both consumers and luxury vendors, leveraging the editor’s high-fashion credibility. Talley is known for his vast knowledge of fashion history, quote-worthy pronouncements and fondness for grandiose caftans. “We’re really looking to become the destination in online luxury shopping. For us, we still have a lot of brands we’re looking to acquire for the site and we hope that with André’s partnership it will help us develop relationships with these brands,” said Jennifer Sidary, head of couture at Zappos Couture, which was launched in 2004.

Zappos Couture has a broad list of designer vendors — such as Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Lanvin, Cartier and Dolce & Gabbana — but many only sell shoes or licensed products like eyewear and fragrances on the site. Its three largest vendors are Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta andSalvatore Ferragamo, said Sidary. The goal is to expand into a wider range of merchandise, particularly apparel.

Currently, the only editorial content on the Zappos Couture site is a weekly video feature, called The Trend, which includes red-carpet interviews with designers and celebrities, hosted by Victoria Recaño. That video content will transition to the main Zappos site, replaced by Talley’s content on Zappos Couture.

Marc Beckman, a partner at DMA United, which brokered the Zappos deal on Talley’s behalf, was careful to emphasize that his client’s role is strictly limited to editorial content and does not include a sales or merchandising role. “He’s not selling anything and he’s not asking his friends to sell anything,” explained Beckman. “He’s being put in place at Zappos specifically for creative purposes.”


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We are excited to introduce Yosi Samra, an amazing line of flats for girls!  Below is a write up on the owner and history of the brand.

Contact us for more information!  Holiday 2013 (available NOW) and Spring 2014!

Yosi Article

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Native is On Trend for Spring 2014!

A couple weeks ago Pantone released their list of HOT colors for Spring 2014 as observed at NY Fashion Week and NATIVE is right on trend!

If you need ordering information, please email/call or come by the showroom!  We have the Jimmy boots and some slip-ons available to ship now.  Hope to see you at market!


native panton

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Me In Mind & Neon Eaters founder on: Production, In Stock Programs, and Small Business

We have worked with Christian & Jamie (husband & wife team) for many years and highly respect the way they do business. Christian’s knowledge of manufacturing, shoe design, customer service and so much more has made it a rewarding and educational process. Jamie is one of the most organized people we know. All in all GOOD people to do business with and both have been a big support to In Play in so many ways and we are ever so grateful. See below for a little insight on his perspective of the kids business and how we can help each other as a small businesses.


 1)      One of the best things we find in today’s retail climate, is a manufacturer that keeps inventory in stock for immediate shipping.What are some of the positives and negatives of a primarily in stock program?


The positives are that we are fulfilling re-orders every day and our relationships with our customers are very strong because we are communicating every couple of weeks.  We also offer open-stock, so having in-stock / open-stock inventory with low re-order minimum is a really good selling feature for us.  A few years ago retailers began placing smaller orders more frequently and running a tight store inventory, so we were set up to accommodate that change in the market and it has really help us grow our account base and increase our in-store presence.

The negatives would be trying to manage the appropriate inventory level through a sporadic economy.  This has been really challenging because we want to have good amount of everything but we never want to have too much inventory of something that it restricts or limits our growth plans. Recently we have had to change some of our suppliers and logistics to help alleviate what we call “empty shelves”.  While there have been some serious bumps along the way during this, these changes will allow us to re-stock our inventory 4-5 weeks sooner than we ever have been able to.

2)    How do you go about introducing new styles to your in stock program? Any challenges?

We launch the majority of new styles in Spring and Fall, based on the show schedules. Every now and then we might release something mid-season just because we can’t wait to add it to the line.

It has always been challenging to get pre-orders because customers would rather wait and see what makes it into production then place their orders and know they are getting exactly what they order. But pre-orders dictate what goes into production and then how much of it we stock.  We recently started offering pre-order incentives and emphasizing that if our customers love a new style then even a small pre-order can make a huge difference in whether or not a style gets produced and how much of it we will have for re-orders.

But as challenging as getting pre-orders is I think a lot of it has been created by brands. I have spoken with a lot of retailers who have been burned by brands that ship outside of ship windows and substitute styles without approval and leave it up to the retailer to solve the problem’s this creates.  That kind of business needs to change and retailers need to stop working with brands that do business like that. I can only imagine what the brand would do if their supplier did the same to them.

3)    As a smaller manufacturer, what is one thing you wish retailers understood about your side of the business vs the bigger manufacturers? 

I love how so many retailers are starting to understand that we have so much more in common with them than the bigger manufacturers. I imagine it is just as disheartening for me to go into a boutique and see their shelves stocked with large corporate brand names as it is for a boutique owner to go into a large retailer and see the same product they carry in their store; and usually as a deeply reduced price.

I think we are both really starting to understand that our success is very dependent on the success of each other. And even though in the big picture of the retail industry we are considered “small fish” we can still be successful at something we enjoy and have a lot more fun doing it than if we were grinding away in the corporate life.

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Market Dates! Make Your Appointment to see Native, Appaman, NUNUNU, Hudson Jeans, Prefresh & More!

Markets are around the corner!  Where will you be?!

You can find us in…

LA (Aug 4-8th) | Oakland (Aug 11-13th) | Las Vegas (Aug 19-21st) | Seattle (Sept 28-30th)

Please call or email us to set up an appointment or for online ordering info!

Showing new deliveries from Native shoes, Appaman, NUNUNU, Hudson Jeans, Prefresh & More…

picstitch market

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