Who is in Play?

In Play Showroom proudly wholesales contemporary brands nationwide. We represent fashion forward, quality products and provide the highest level of customer service to the finest boutiques and department stores in the market. 

Our passion and experience allow us to work with some of the best brands and retailers nationwide and globally. Each of our brands are designed and run by people with vision, innovation and the drive to be different, offering the next generation an opportunity to be unique from the start. 

Originally founded in 1989, In Play has worked with some of the most well-known brands and retailers in the fashion industry and continue to do so. With a team of experienced sales representatives we stay on top of the latest trends, products, and fashion by constantly traveling the country, visiting stores and attending fashion trade shows nationwide.

We have showroom locations in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Atlanta, and work closely with our brands and buyers to ensure the best possible product presentation and selling at the retail level. To purchase our brands, find and support a local shop near you.  

Interested in opening an account with us? 

Click below to find your application form and return to info@inplayshowroom. From there we'll get the ball rolling and pair you with the designated rep for your territory.