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Superism is a casual contemporary brand made for young professionals who relentlessly work towards greatness, starting from the bottom, never admitting defeat. Much of what makes our man SUPER lives in what he’s created; including the ultimate symbol of success - his family… ahem… kids.

Kids. From the moment they come into this world, they’re a sponge. They see and hear what you do, pick up on the energy around them and benefit from the love they receive, or suffer from the lack thereof. Like it or not, your world changes from the moment they step into it and your choices dictate their future. That’s why it’s so important to be someone they can look up to. Someone who values, nurtures, and teaches them. Being a successful Superism man isn’t about how many things you can acquire; it’s about what you create and what you leave behind. And being a SUPER dad means that no matter what the future might bring, how many ups and downs you face, your focus is on giving them the best parts of you so they can be the best them.

The Superism Kids collection was made as a pairing for their menswear assortment but redesigned with kids in mind. This line is an offering of comfortable, functional, and versatile essentials that focus on premium construction and materials. The family that Superisms together, stays together.


Boys | 18-24 mo. - 10 | Pre-booking highly encouraged | Deadlines apply